HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope handle 100% waterproof
    • HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope handle 100% waterproof

    HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope handle

    HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope handle

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    • 100% waterproof
    • Autoclavable LET technology
    • Simple, safe reprocessing

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    HEINE EasyClean LED Laryngoscope Handle

    was developed to allow even simpler, faster and safer hygienic reprocessing of the handle – no complex disassembling and assembling of batteries and light unit. This saves the technical service personnel a great deal of time, and reduces the training and maintenance effort.

    • Non-slip ''Wave Design'' improves the reliability of the wipe disinfectant for the handle after use (''Intermediate – Low-Level Disinfection'')
    • 100 % waterproof. In the case of immersion disinfection (''High-Level Disinfection'') or low temperature sterilisation processes (STERRAD®, STERIS®), neither the batteries nor the LED light unit need to be removed
    • Autoclavable LED technology: No removal of the light unit required for use in autoclaves, just batteries
    • Maximum brightness: 3 x brighter than conventional halogen light, 4,000 lux (20lm) at a distance of 20mm from the blade tip
    • Authentic colour rendering and homogeneous illumination
    • Virtually unlimited hours of working life: typ. 50,000 hours
    • Typ. 10 hours of operating time (EasyClean LED Laryngoscope Handle incontinuous operation).
    • Compatible with all laryngoscope blades according to ISO 7376 (Green Standard).

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