SIGMA 250 LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope


HEINE SIGMA 250 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Accurate diagnosis made easy

The goal was to design an instrument that would provide the most precise examination with exceptional comfort.

  • Ultra light
  • For any pupil size
  • Synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system
  • LED in HEINE Quality – or LED HQ.

Spectacle-mounted Ophthalmoscope – with LED-HQ illumination

  • Power Source mPack mini
  • Extremely light, 110 g without frame. Light and comfortable.
  • LED-HQ Illumination
  • Lightweight frame
  • Illumination beam adjustable ± 3°. Eliminates reflexes.
  • Integrated red-free filter. Improves contrast.
  • Optional blue and yellow filters.
  • Large and small apertures.
  • Dust proof. Maintenance-free.
  • PD selection from 47 to 72 mm. Suits any user.
  • Optics on swivel mount. Unrestricted view.
  • Optional clip-in correction frame for prescription lenses.

Configurations HEINE SIGMA 250

SIGMA 250 Kit - S-FRAME + mPack mini

SIGMA 250 Set - S-FRAME + mPack mini

SIGMA 250 M2 Kit - S-FRAME + mPack mini + Micro Spot Aperture

SIGMA 250 M2 Set - S-FRAME + mPack mini

Documents HEINE SIGMA 250

HEINE_Cleanliness of optical parts_MED234574_rev01_EN.pdf

HEINE DoC_indirect ophthalmoscopes_MDR_20210610.pdf

HEINE Instruction for Use SIGMA 250-M2_MED113379_S-Frame.pdf


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which power source is compatible with my HEINE SIGMA250?

The HEINE SIGMA250 Ophthalmoscope can be used with the HEINE mPack mini. The mPack mini is flexible in charging due to its USB connector.

How do I change the light source in my HEINE SIGMA250?

With the HEINE SIGMA250 the LED cannot be changed.

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