General Medicine

General Medicine

The general practitioner is the first point of contact for a number of symptoms of diseases. In some health care systems of this world, he is the one, who detects and analyses all diseases and if need be, transfers the patient to a specialist. The special challenge here is, to quickly detect and accurately diagnose illnesses of various medical disciplines.

The anamnesis is a very important basis for making a diagnosis. In addition, the health care professional needs high-performance, medical devices which support him in the best way when making a diagnosis. HEINE Optotechnik is looking back on many years of experience in developing and producing medical devices and offers a wide range of high-quality primary diagnostic instruments.


Ear examination is a procedure which is very often performed by general practitioners and paediatricians. Please see our Otoscopy Manual for interesting facts about otoscopy and the most common diseases of the outer and inner ear.

HEINE offers otoscopes which allow paediatricians and general practitioners a fast and accurate diagnosis – thanks to high magnification and bright illumination. The high quality of the instruments guarantees durability and maximum customer satisfaction.


Since a few years, skin cancer screening has become an important topic in the frame of medical check-ups for general practitioners. Dermatoscopy has become an integral part in the prevention and detection of skin cancer. We offer the right dermatoscope to suit every requirements: with contact or non-contact, polarised and non-polarised illumination in combination, digital and with different magnifications. All HEINE Dermatoscopes are delivered with a Compendium of Dermatoscopy. Our customers highly appreciate the systematic image overview of typical melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions which helps them to differentiate between suspicious skin lesions.

Direct Ophthalmoscopes

The fundus provides information on diabetes, hypertension and a plethora of other diseases. Therefore, the examination of the eye with the help of an ophthalmoscope may also be useful for the general practitioner in the frame of a medical check-up.

In order to ensure the safe use of light sources, we develop and test our products in accordance to the requirements of the corresponding standards. Meeting photobiological safety standards is an essential part of our quality politics.

Active filters

  • Professional L...

    • Fully-adjustable for height and width to fit any head.
    • Hygienic and comfortable leather cushions.
  • HEINE GAMMA 3.1...

    For fine acoustic performance.

    • Stethoscope with solid flat chest piece. The chest piece can be easily inserted
    • under the sphygmomanometer cuff.
    • High-quality membrane, 44 mm dia.
    • Single-tube construction with excellent sound transmission.
    • Includes ear olives (large / soft) for sound insulation.
    • Optional available: Ear olives, (small / hard) (M-000.09.946).

    • GAMMA G7 Sphygmomanometer
    • complete with adult cuff, in zipper pouch
  • HEINE EL 3 LED...

    • LED-HQ
    • Up to 42.000 Lux/30cm distance
    • Shadow-Free Illumination
  • HEINE DELTA 20T...

    Kit complete:

    • HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope with contact plate with scale
    • HEINE BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle
    • USB cord and plug-in power supply
    • dermatoscopy compendium
  • HEINE ML4 LED...

    The following Kit 1 contain:

    • HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight
    • HEINE HR Binocular Loupe 2.5 x / 340 mm with i-View
    • HEINE mPack and plug-in transformer
    • Case option
  • HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight

    • Flexible Power Source Options
    • Comfortable and secure fit
    • Adjustable spot size
    • Coaxial illumination
    • Optional Polarisation Filter System
    • LED-HQ
  • HEINE HR 2.5x/340...

    Set A complete with:

    • HEINE HR 2.5x/340 Binocular Loupes with i-View on S-FRAME
    • working distance 340 mm
    • Protective lenses
    • 2 sterilisable swivel levers
    • Retaining cord
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Carrying case
  • HEINE BETA 200S LED...

    • LED-HQ
    • Information about the apertures
    • Aspherical optical system
    • Aluminium frame system
    • Eliminates corneal reflex
    • Ideal for small pupils
    • Dustproof
  • HEINE mini-c LED...

    Pocket size. Rocket performance. And an eye on safety.

    Robust, durable examination light in a compact pocket size. Bright, concentrated light – now with unique LEDHQ.

    • Safe examination of the eyes due to tested photobiological safety.
    • Comfortable and ergonomic.
    • Natural colours and virtually unlimited operating life of the LED HQ.
    • Switches off automatically when placed in the pocket.
    • 20,000 on/off cycles guaranteed.
    • Replaceable batteries (size: AAA).
  • HEINE mini 3000 LED...

    • Maintenance-free pocket instrument
    • Bright LED illumination
    • Up to 10 hours operation time
    • LED-HQ
    • without handle and ear funnel
  • HEINE BETA 200 LED...

    Set complete with:

    • HEINE BETA 200 F.O. Otoscope in LED
    • HEINE BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle
    • 1 set (4 pcs.) of reusable tips
    • 10 x AllSpec disposable tips
    • hard case