Examination LED Lights for a precise diagnosis in dermatology

Examination Lights

Examination light with absolutely homogeneous field of light

A good light source is indispensable for the work of a doctor. The user can chose from universal and flexible examination lamps. Compact pocket lights and tongue-blade holders support, for example ,the diagnosis of the mouth and pharynx. Headlights are particularly well suited, if you have to work very precisely. They provide shadow-free illumination and maximum mobility. In combination with binocular loupes they can be perfectly used for surgical procedures in a practice.

Beside the classic Xenon Halogen bulbs, LED illumination is increasingly used due to its durability and efficiency. For HEINE it is of great importance, to also fully fulfil the diagnostic requirements with LED technology. The authentic colour rendering of LED illumination ensures that tissue colour and the colour of body fluids can be exactly interpreted and therefore guarantees a reliable diagnosis.

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