How to choose the correct Loupe

Various magnifications (from 2.3 x to 6 x), working distances, wearing options (unique S-FRAME, Lightweight Headband and Headband Professional L) and LED Loupe Light illumination systems are available. They provide homogeneous, reflex-free illumination even in deep cavities. State-of-the-art LED HQ technology and design!

HEINE Binocular Loupes are used in many disciplines: e.g. General Medicine, Dermatology, Surgery,Cosmetic Surgery, Neurosurgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry etc.


  • Working distance (x): The distance, at which the optics of a loupe are sharply-focused.
  • Depth of field (y): The range over which the image remains sharply-focused.
  • Field of view (z): The area that can be seen under magnification at the nominal working distance.



How to choose the correct Loupe:

Choose your magnification

  • Choose the lowest magnification that meets your needs. The lower the magnification, the larger the field of view and the easier the loupe will be to use.

Choose your optics

  • HR: High-Resolution achromatic optics with excellent optical qualities.
  • HRP: High Resolution Prismatic optics with excellent optical qualities for 3.5 x magnification and higher.
  • C: Economy.

Choose your working distance

  • This is an individual choice depending on the examiner’s size and working position. The longer the working distance, the bigger the field of view.

Choose your mounting option

  • Spectacle frame or Headband.

Add illumination

  • Coaxial bright light is especially-important when using magnification.