HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head
  • HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head
  • HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head
  • HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head

HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head

1-3 days

HEINE G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head with swivel lens

with LEDHQ Illumination

Instrument head with solid metal construction and scratch-resistant swivel lens guarantee a lifetime of maintenance-free use. LED with virtually unlimited hours of working life. No need to ever replace bulbs.

  • Slit Illumination Head. Allows optimal instrumentation with magnification and illumination. Clears the way for access during examinations.
  • Multi-coated, scratch-resistant swivel lens with 1.6 x magnification provides a high-resolution image.
  • Fiber Optic Illumination. Ensures homogeneous, very bright illumination and an unobstructed view of the ear canal and tympanum.
  • LED in HQ: The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis. Red is red, blue is blue. Colour temperature: typ. 3,500 K, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 97, special index for red colours (R9) > 93.
  • Special optical interface to precisely integrate the LED illumination with the optical system to ensure bright (typ. 50,000 lux with 4.5 mm specula) homogeneous light during examinations.
  • Exclusive continuous brightness control between 100 % and 3 % (patent pending) with one-finger operation.
  • Easy cleaning. Round edges allow easy disinfection, also with standard disinfectants.
  • Double bayonet lock for specula. Specula mounted firmly by double lock.
  • Full functionality of the G 100 LED Slit Illumination Head is guaranteed with BETA Recharcheable Handles and the EN 100 / EN 200 Wall Transformers.

Data sheet

Power Sources
without power source
Colour Temperature
3500 Kelvin
Illumination light/power
50 000 Lux
5 years