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HEINE FlexTip+ LED Laryngoscope Set

HEINE FlexTip+ LED Laryngoscope Set NT

HEINE FlexTip+ LED Laryngoscope Set NT

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  • Easy intubation
  • 4000 autoclave cycles
  • 5 years warranty

Set complete with:

  • FlexTip+ F.O. Blade Mac 3: 115 mm Length, 13,2 mm distal width
  • FlexTip+ F.O. Blade Mac 4: 137 mm Length, 13,2 mm distal width
  • with Standard F.O. 4 LED NT Rechargeable Handle with Li-ion Battery
  • NT 4 table charger
  • zipper case
8-11 days

HEINE FlexTip+ Fiber Optic (F.O.) Laryngoscope Blade

A useful Tip for a difficult intubation

The FlexTip+ is a Macintosh Laryngoscope Blade with a tip which is adjustable through 70°. A lever controls the tip angle during intubation to lift the epiglottis, giving a clear view of the vocal cords. Contact with the upper row of teeth and unnecessary pressure on the tongue and soft tissue are avoided.

  • HEINE HiLite fiber bundle. With a 4.3 mm dia. and up to 6500 individual
  • micro-fibers for improved light transmission and longer life.
  • With the alternative of LED- or XHL-illumination: With either 3 x or 40 % brighter light as with conventional halogen bulbs.
  • Integrated Fiber Optics for the best possible illumination.
  • High quality chrome plated stainless steel construction.
  • Swivelling blade tip facilitates difficult intubation.
  • Reduced likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue.
  • Fits all standard F.O. handles (green standard). Exception: F.O. Angled Handle.
  • 5 years warranty. 4000 standard

Data sheet

Power Sources
Standard F.O. 4 LED NT Rechargeable Laryngoscope Handle with Li-ion Battery
5 years

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