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The Kit 1 complete with:

  • OMEGA 500 LED – 6 V
  • on Headband with HC 50 L Headband Rheostat
  • Connecting Cord Cinch
  • with plug-in transformer for HC 50 L

The following kit include main system elements but no carrying cases or ancillary accessories.

8-11 days


Unique “Synchronized Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size. Precise selection of the observation and illumination optics for small pupils down to 1.0 mm.

  • Excellent optical performance due to the multi-coated illumination system. Exact vertical alignment of the illumination with the observation path further minimising the reflections.
  • Due to the mounting of the optics on an aluminum chassis, the OMEGA500 is solid, long lasting, and is guaranteed to be dustproof.
  • The HC50 L Headband Rheostat controls the LED illumination as well as the XHL Xenon-Halogen illumination.

Technical Specifications:

  • Apertures and Filters: Can be “locked” into a desired position.
  • Adjustment Levers: Also feature a “Friction-Clutch” (“Safety-Clutch”) to protect mechanisms from forced adjustment while in the “lock” position.
  • Increased PD Range: From 46 – 74 mm.
  • Soft Touch Controls: All key adjustment controls feature soft touch surfaces for precise and positive adjustment control.

HEINE OMEGA 500 - Function

LED-Technology for HEINE OMEGA® 500:

LED now in HEINE quality. The sophisticated LED HQ system provides for longer operation time, exact dimmability and excellent colour rendering.

  • LED in HQ: The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis. Red is red, blue is blue. Colour temperature: 4,000 K, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 90, special index for red colours (R9) > 75 on a maximum scale of 100.
  • Special optical interface to precisely integrate the LED illumination with the optical system to ensure bright, homogeneous light throughout the whole working life of the
  • LED of up to 20,000 hours – for an accurate diagnosis.
  • With the Rheostat HC 50 L the light intensity can be precisely adjusted – especially in the range of low light intensities.
  • Convert your XHL Xenon Halogen OMEGA 500 to LED: With an upgrade kit the OMEGA 500 can easily and quickly be adapted to the new technology.
  • Full range of features and adjustments – 46 mm to 74 mm PD range, headband mounted rheostat on either side of the headband, fully adjustable positioning of the optics, vertical light beam adjustment, and a full range of apertures (Large, Medium, Small, Diffuser) and filters (yellow, cobalt blue and red-free) allow the adaption for any user.
  • Exclusive modular power source design – Easily upgrade or convert the power source depending on needs or work environment. Multiple battery powered and mains power operated options guarantee an ideal solution.
  • Exclusive for small pupils: The “Synchronised Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax System” allows for stereo views in all pupil sizes from 10 mm to 1 mm, and in the periphery.
  • Convert from Xenon-Halogen-Illumination: Conversion from Xenon to the LED illumination system is easily done with the LED HQ module and the HC 50 L headband rheostat.
  • LED Thermal Management. LED illumination systems require thermal management to ensure long-term performance and product stability. Carefully selected and applied heat-diffusing materials guarantee consistent quality and performance throughout the LED’s lifetime rating of up to 50.000 hours.
  • Aluminum frame – All OMEGA500 optical components are mounted to an aluminum frame to provide unmatched durability and optical stability.
  • HEINE offers a 5 year guarantee
  • HEINE makes no compromises in manufacturing high quality medical instruments. Our commitment to vertical integration in manufacturing means we control all aspects of our instrument quality, from utilising carefully selected, well-matched materials to a high level of hand assembly. This ensures that each HEINE instrument meets or exceeds all requirements in any medical environment.


  • Comfortable and secure – The headband’s exclusive design reduces downward force on the user’s neck considerably. Its strong and flexible materials provid a secure, ergonomic, and comfortable fit for all users.
  • More than 8 hours ON time with the mPack UNPLUGGED and a fast recharge in 2 hours.
  • LED in HQ – The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for each individual examination situation – Colour temperature: 4000 K, Colour Rendering Index > 90, special index for red colours (R9) > 75 on a maximum scale of 100. This ensures true colour tissue for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Precision HEINE optics – using only optical grade glass, we manufacture all optical components of the OMEGA500, ensuring crisp, high resolution images for the most diagnostic information.

HEINE OMEGA® 500 Headband

with unique features

  • Articulating hinge provides vertical adjustment of the rear band of the headband for individual placement. Secure and perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.
  • Ergonomic design for optimal weight transfer across the surface of the entire headband (no pressure points).
  • Softer, malleable material. Provides even and comfortable fit of the headband.
  • Calibrated overband position ensures optics are in true horizontal position for precise adjustment and alignment.
  • Integrated cables in overband eliminates the usual “cable loop” from instrument to headband.
  • Registered design.

Technical Specifications:

  • HC 50 L Headband Rheostat: Easily mounted on the left or right sides of the headband
  • Integrated flip-up adjustment: To raise optics out of the line of sight. Can be mounted on the left or right side of the headband. Optics can be flipped and locked at 0°, 12.5°, 47.5°, 60° degrees [ 02 ].
  • Mechanically reinforced adjustment mechanisms: For durability and precise adjustment of the headband.

Data sheet

Power Sources
with plug-in transformer for HC 50 L Headband Rheostat
Working distance
Colour temperature 4000 K
Mounting options
5 years

Specific References


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